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Why Choose St. John Ambulance First Aid?

First Aid Training at Work, Home and Play

St. John Ambulance is Canada's leader in first aid and has programs tailored to fit your needs. Our courses provide complete and comprehensive information and skills that can help in an emergency situation at work, home and at play.


With nearly 100 locations across Canada, St. John Ambulance provides convenient options to meet your needs.

Contributing to your Community

By training with St. John Ambulance programs, you are supporting a humanitarian organization and investing in your community. All profits from first aid courses and the sale of supplies are re-invested to fund our work in the community. Through research, development and delivery of first aid training and community service programs, we are able to meet our mission of enabling Canadians to improve their health, safety and quality of life.

By choosing St. John Ambulance programs, you are also giving back to your community by supporting volunteers who deliver programs in these community services.

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St. John Ambulance, York Region

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13321 Yonge Street, Suite 201, 

Richmond Hill, Ontario, L4E 0K5

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Client Service Hours
Monday - Friday  8:30 AM - 4:30 PM
:      905-773-1046


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