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St. John Ambulance's Youth Programs are structured health-oriented programs that provides young people with opportunities for social, educational and personal development through training, local community volunteering service, leisure activities and participation at special events. Activities include First Aid, Health Care training, community service, camping and recreational events. Learn more and register:

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POSTED: April 15, 2021 @ 12:00pm


So here were go! Keep following us as we are about to roll out a NEW Proficiency that will get your HEART pounding!

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Pictured above is St. John Ambulance York Region Branch 2017 1st Annual Inspection in York Region, Ontario

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POSTED: April 15, 2021 @ 12:00pm

NEW Online Proficiency!

Physical Fitness Proficiency  

Hello SJA Youth! Youth unit officers from SJA Newmarket Youth Unit #910Y are excited to support you in gaining your "Physical Fitness Proficiency" over a period of three weeks, you will work towards getting FIT while also earning this proficiency. 

The fitness program is designed by a REAL Fitness Instructor Specialist LINDSAY who is also one of our Officers to broaden your idea of what physical fitness looks like. The past year has changed our daily lives quite a bit, and we’re all learning to adapt. This Proficiency is designed to be done at home with minimal equipment and we encourage you to get your whole family involved. We all need movement! Read the DAILY Pep Talks By LINDSEY while you compete your Physical Fitness Challenges.


Good Luck everyone! 


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