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Welcome to St. John Ambulance York Region Branch, Volunteer Community Services Members Santa Clause Parade Information Guide and parade schedules. You will find information for both our volunteer ATTENDEE and DRIVERS which can be downloaded -or- printed. Press the desired button to direct you to the parade information you seek.

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2021 Santa Claus

Volunteer Information Guide & Schedules

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NOTE: Parade DATES are NOT in order. Parades sorted alphabetically by Municipality.


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of Parade





(Night Parade)

Nov. 27




Nov. 17

2 pm






Nov. 23

11 am




(Night Parade)

Nov. 20




Richmond Hill

(Night Parade)

Nov. 13








NOTE: Parade DATES in RED are already completed.

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St. John Ambulance YR Holiday Parade Guide


St. John Ambulance York Region is one of the largest Branches in Canada encompassing 9 Municipalities North of the city of Toronto with over 650 volunteers!  All volunteering units are welcomed to participate with our Holiday Parades. DOWNLOAD OUR 2021 SCHEDULE for more details. See the schedule below or use the download link. More detailed information on Safety Parade Meeting and Entry Status is ONLY available in the downloadable file. 

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(Night Parade)

Dec. 4





     Fun Facts

  • The “Accordion Effect”, most SJA float entries will not actually depart until 20-40 minutes after the official parade start time.

  • Thank Your Driver. Often volunteering for more then 1 parade, drivers pick up, wash and return the vehicles well before the parade actual start times. They also may attend safety meetings weeks before the actual parade! These parades are not possible without them.

  • York Region Branch, participates in multiple municipal Santa Parades each year, some even on the same day! Most parades have over 100 floats, 2000 participants and 5000 spectators and media.

    In Case of Emergency

  • Apply First Aid & Inform Parade Marshal

  • Call 911 if necessary

  • AMFR - *Medical First Responder Members may be participating in parade and may be able to provide assistance.

Thank You 
for Volunteering!
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2021 (Oct-Nov) COVID-19 Restrictions:

  • As per Provincial Guidelines

Before the Parade:

  • Check on local municipal websites / social media for Parade Routes and Start Times

  • SHOW UP - 15 minutes before the parade start

  • Check the local forecast for updated weather reports and please dress accordingly

  • Plan to arrive early, the parade start areas are very busy with road closures and parade attendees

  • Parking and Shuttles may be limited so plan ahead, carpool if possible

  • For help finding the St John Ambulance Float, Ask a Parade Official in a reflective marker vest

  • Ask the Float Driver about any questions regarding safety during the parade

  • All youth members must be supervised by youth leaders

During the Parade:

  • Smile & Have Fun! - You will ALSO be on TV!

  • Ensure you are physically capable of walking the 3-5 km route!  (DURING COVID-19 Pandemic, Parades may be reversed and stationary with the public driving through. Please see the municipality websites for more information from the links above)

  • The passenger seat of the ambulance will be reserved for injured walkers only and should not be used

  • Do not hand out or throw any candy/swag/products into the crowd. This encourages young children to run into the parade route potentially causing someone being run over or hit by a vehicle/float.

  • Dress Appropriately (No Santa/Mrs Claus Costumes, Political, Controversial, Offensive costumes)

  • Act appropriately (You are representing the entire organization, everyone is looking at you!)

After the Parade:

  • This is the most dangerous part of the parade for participants (disembarking floats, crossing the road)

  • Follow instructions from parade marshal’s and keep children supervised at all times

  • Locate your vehicle or shuttle and don’t forget any hats, gloves, purses, cell phones in the SJA vehicle

  • Youth leaders, ensure children are assisted and are reunited with parents



Before the Parade:

  • Ensure you have Parade Float Package with Arrival Times and Float Approach Instructions

  • Pre-Trip vehicle prior to departure

  • If available, ask 2 adult members to walk beside your mirrors during the parade as a safety escort


  • Welcome Participants – "Thank" them for attending and volunteering their time

  • Explain order: 1. Ambulance 2. Walkers behind (Walkers won’t want to be in front of siren)

  • Emphasize Safety (No unloading or loading during parade, no handing out candy, don’t encourage children or adults to approach you or walk up to float)

  • If there is an Emergency during Parade: Alert driver, safely unload float and move onto sidewalk

  • Explain End of Parade Unload Procedure: Walkers move to sidewalk

  • Emphasize Safety after unloading; stay on sidewalk, clear area for other floats/participants

  • Smile & Have Fun! - You will ALSO be on TV!

During the Parade:

  • Keep 10 Metre distance behind the float in front of you – Activate Emergency Warning System *If Applicable

  • Use Siren with discretion (Marching Bands, never use if livestock / horses are directly in front of you)

  • Watch for CHILDREN or ADULTS running across road to pick up brochures, candy, etc.

  • Check Mirrors often for wellness of walkers

  • Know where your closest vehicle fire extinguisher is

  • Focus on driving not waving, have both windows down to hear participant alerts of danger

After the Parade:

  • Follow Parade Marshall’s instructions of disembarking area

  • Ensure safe departure of float participants

  • Ensure all personal items removed from vehicle

  • Move immediately out of disembarking area

Thank You 
for Volunteering & Driving!
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