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PRIVATE First Aid Classes

Private / Group / Company Training (on-site)

St. John Ambulance provides a variety of different training formats to meet your needs, one of these options is our private course format.

Requirements to Hold a Private First Private Class

A minimum of 8 people in the Class, at the same time and location is required to hold a Private Class learning option.


Benefits of Private First Aid Class Learning 

  • Private classes for your group are available in the private format at your location, or at one of our training centres.

  • Our instructors are available to teach 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and able to meet your individual training requirements and work schedules.

  • Private courses are available for any group size (Minimum 8 person required). Our maximum class size is set based on the ratio of students to instructor for the specific course you select. We do have the ability to train large groups by sending more than one instructor as long as the location is suitable.

  • First Aid training can be added to existing in-house safety training program schedules within your workplace, with regularly scheduled courses for larger companies.

  • Equipment required on the day of training, will be delivered by the instructor any costs for equipment will be provided in your quote.

  • Our courses are a combination of knowledge and practical skills which lead to certification. Students will be required to participate in practical sessions to demonstrate their skills, sometimes at floor level. It is acceptable for students to bring protective equipment such as knee pads or blankets with them to class.

  • Physical limitations can prevent a student from fully participating, however skills and practical training can be modified for individuals upon request.

  • We are able to provide verbal testing for students who might have difficulty with the multiple choice written format.

  • It is important that all participants are able to commit to the time frame for the course to be able to learn and demonstrate all the skills required for certification. Within our scheduled times we allow for breaks and lunch, when business or personal needs can be accommodated on the day of class

  • St. John Ambulance can frequently provide an instructor who is fluent in a language other than English upon request. Our course materials are available in English and French.

Registration for PRIVATE First Aid Classes

To set up a PRIVATE Classes please complete our PRIVATE Training Registration Form -or- press the GREEN button below. If you have a question, please email -or- call:


Julie Samson, Training Coordinator



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