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My Volunteering Story

Are you a Medical First Responder, Therapy Dog Handler, Youth or Youth Leader, Car Seat Safety Educator, First Aid Educator or Branch / Board volunteer for St. John Ambulance York Region?
We really want to hear your volunteering stories of why you decided to volunteer with St. John Ambulance and how do  you volunteer!

Social Media Volunteer Story & Photo
Tell us your story to show how "Community services is the backbone of St. John Ambulance"
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Volunteering Questions

Here are the questions below that will appear on our online My Volunteering Story Form. Alternatively, you can also provide us your own completed My Volunteering Story you wish to publish as long as it is no longer than 1,080 characters with spaces. You will also be able to submit your own photos when completing the form. Please read about submitting your photos in the next section.

PLEASE NOTE - We are NOT looking for huge essay answers. Just brief direct answers.   


  • What is your name and how long have you been volunteering at St. John Ambulance?

  • In your own words, how do you contribute to Community Service in York Region?

  • What inspired you to volunteer?

  • What do you like best about volunteering? 

  • What is your most rewarding volunteer memory?

( Therapy Dog Volunteer Questions Only )

  • What is the name, age and breed of dog?

  • Tell us about your Canine Team member?

Thank You 
for Volunteering!

Submitting Your Photos

You can either send us few of your own very best photos which you can attached when you complete our My Volunteering Story Form or we can schedule a photo session at the York Region Branch on an agreed upon day and time. 

If you decide to submit your own photos, please send us at least 3 photos ensuring:

  • You are the focus in the photo

  • No other people appear in the photo

  • You are in your proper uniform with ID's

  • Female/Male MFR’s - Long hair in duty format 

Your image will be removed from the background on our end to look like these two examples shown here.

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