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Duty Calendar

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St. John Ambulance, York Region Duties


To JOIN A DUTY, please send an email to your to YOUR OWN Unit Chief -or- Duty Coordinator with the specific duty you wish to attend. Please remember to include in your email message the UNIT # & DUTY NAME & DATE of the duty from this calendar. You CAN and we encourage you to request to join other duties outside of your unit area but ONLY when there is proper coverage or if NO duties are planed in your unit area, Please check our NEWS link and follow our FACEBOOK for special duties and announcements. While on duty, why not send a few photo's for our social media feeds through our Social Media Submission page.


Duty Guidelines

Using the Calendar above, you are able to view all the current posted duties for St. John Ambulance, York Region. Be aware that in some cases, NOT ALL duties have been verified or have been uploaded into our calendar system by York Region Branch.  St. John Ambulance duties can only be attended by qualified SJA MEMBERS holding the proper training qualifications.  If you are accessing this page and not already a volunteer member, why don't you volunteer with us today? Please go to our VOLUNTEER page for more information. 


For SJA MEMBERS, as always, you should be attending duties within your divisional area FIRST before signing up to any other scheduled duties in other areas. In order to ensure that we have proper coverage for ALL duties within your area and area's outside your divisional area, you should be communicating with your divisional duty coordinator first AS SOON AS YOU CAN CONFIRM your attendance before requesting to attend another duty out of your divisional area. This ensure's that your area's duties are covered first in case a duty had not been posted in this calendar.

Just like a regular paying job, if you have ALREADY confirmed your attendance to a duty but have to cancel last minute, please ensure that you locate a suitable qualified member to replace your duty you had confirmed and have them contact your duty coordinator. As a St. John Ambulance national policy across Canada, ALL FIRST AID DUTIES must have a minimum of TWO qualified AMFR's in order to support the public duty.

Volunteering for Duties

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