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Equipment Booking Calendar

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How to Book Equipment

Using the Calendar below, you are able to view all of St. John Ambulance York Region's equipment availability. If equipment has ALREADY been booked, it will appear in the calendar.  Remember, we are all volunteers.  In order to ensure your equipment or vehicle is ready for your duty or event, you must try to come to this page and BOOK 2 WEEKS IN ADVANCE before your scheduled duty.  You MUST complete the Fleet Module 1 training before booking our vehicles.  In some cases, you may also have to complete additional Fleet Module 2 or the Bike Module training.  Please be aware that some vehicles have MTO License restrictions "*" when carrying passengers. 


   1106 - Ambulance (NY)

   5010 - FORD F150 (VY)

   5012 - FORD Transit* NEW! (B)

   5017 - FORD Interceptor  NEW! (B)

   6300 - Gator (VY)

   7005 - Logistics Support Trailer (VY




(TBA)       - AMBULANCE - Non-Patient Trans. ("G" License) w/ MFR BAGS (Trauma Kit, Oxygen Kit, Spinal Kit, AED)

Unit 1106 - AMBULANCE - Non-Patient Trans. ("G" License) w/ MFR BAGS (Trauma Kit, Oxygen Kit, Spinal Kit, AED)

Unit 5010 - FORD F150 - PICK-UP Truck w/ MFR BAGS (Holds MAX 6 Persons -or- 5 people comfortably )

Unit 5012 - FORD TRANSIT* - VAN (*10-12 people "B, C, E, F" License Required -or- 1-9 people inc. driver "G" License)

Unit 5017 - FORD INTERCEPTOR - SUV (Holds 5 people comfortably)

Unit 0000 - 

Unit 6300 - GATOR - 6-WHEEL OFF ROAD w/ MFR BAGS (Trauma Kit, Oxygen Kit, Spinal Kit, AED) (Fleet Module 2)

Unit 7005 - TRAILER - Logistics Support (Covered) (Fleet Module 2)

Unit 7032 - TRAILER - Community Services w/ MFR BAGS (Trauma Kit, Oxygen Kit, Spinal Kit, AED) (Fleet Module 2)

Units 9005, 9006, 9007, 9008BIKE TEAM w/ MFR saddle bags containing Trauma & Oxygen supplies (Bike Module)

STORES EQUIPMENT - CSU Trauma Bag & AEDs, Radios, Tents, First+Aid Flags


(B) Branch, (VY) Vaughn Yard, (NY) Newmarket Yard

MODULES: Required Extra Training Modules to Book  

DETAILS: Equipment & License Classifications Below

Using the Calendar Legend colour chart above, the Equipment Booking Calendar below shows in real time the CURRENT EQUIPMENT already booked, the UNIT NUMBER who has booked the equipment and the DUTY NAME.

  You must use your issued SJA York Region email account to BOOK - other email extensions will not work  



Use the BOOK HERE button to complete the Equipment Booking Form for your Duty / Event.

MTO Driver's Licence Classification Chart

Class B

Allowed to drive any school purposes bus
May also drive vehicle in class C, D, E, F and G

Class C

Allowed to drive any regular bus
May also drive vehicles in class D, F and G.

Class E

Allowed to drive any regular bus
May also drive vehicles in class D, F and G.

Class F

Allowed to drive any regular bus - maximum of 24-passenger capacity

- and ambulances
May also drive vehicle in class G

Class G

Allowed to drive any car, van or small truck or combination of vehicle and towed vehicle up to 11,000 kilograms, provided the towed vehicle is not over 4,600 kilograms. A pickup truck towing a house trailer exceeds 4,600 kilograms but the total combined weight of the truck and trailer does not exceed 11,000 kilograms is deemed a Class G.


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